How does MLH review my code sample? What do you look for?

Our admissions team will review the code sample you submit by asking the following questions:

  • Is the project easy to navigate through?

  • Does the project follow clean code principles? (DRY code, good use of naming principles, etc.)

  • Is it original work, not a tutorial or classroom project?

  • If the project was built using any existing boilerplate, has the sample built upon it?

  • Is the sample well documented, with a descriptive README?

  • Is there any evidence of testing or test files?

  • If appropriate to the project and programming language, is there evidence of object-orientation?

  • Is there appropriate use of .gitignore?

We may also dive into your other publicly-available GitHub projects or commits to learn more about your holistic skill set. Your code sample is your starting point, but we want to learn about your coding interests and passions so we can make the best match possible for you.